Concealed Carry/CCW

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The Ohio Concealed Carry Class is our single-day 8-hour CCW class meeting the requirements for Ohio Concealed Handgun Licenses.  This is a safety oriented class which will guide you and provide you with the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and operating a pistol safely.

This Concealed Handgun License Class is designed for both inexperienced and experienced shooters. Even if you have never held a handgun in your life, we welcome you to the class. This course teaches a solid foundation in personal protection and concealed carry.  We cover the following topics:

Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan

We will discuss conflict avoidance and the importance of situational awareness.  We will explain areas to avoid, and the difference between cover and concealment.  Here we also discuss having an exit strategy for potential conflicts.  We will tie all of this together with how having a permit to carry fits into your plan.

Self-defense Firearm Basics

We discuss the universal firearm safety rules.  Here is where you will learn how handguns operate including both semi-automatic pistols and revolvers.  We will discuss magazines, ammunition, caliber, and malfunctions.

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

We discuss defensive shooting versus marksmanship.  Here is where you will learn the body mechanics to shooting a pistol and the techniques involved in firing a handgun.  This is also the section where we head to the range for live-fire and get some practical experience shooting handguns.

The Legal Use of Force

We define reasonable force and deadly force.  We will go into detail about deadly force rules including some scenarios.  We will cover what a prosecutor will want to know if you are forced to defend yourself.  There will be discussion on defending your home and defending property.

Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath

This section covers how your body and mind will respond in a defensive situation.  We will discuss fight or flight, and the effects of adrenaline and endorphins.  You will learn how to identify a threat and get some practice issuing commands and evaluating your options.  We will discuss when the right to use deadly force ends, and the immediate aftermath of a defensive situation.  We will discuss your legal rights and responsibilities.

Gear and Gadgets

This is the section where we talk about the items you’ll need OTHER than a handgun when you make the decision to carry every day.  We’ll talk about holsters, belts, flashlights, and firearm storage.

Basic and Advanced Skills

We will discuss creating a training program.  We will talk about dry firing, fundamental drills, and what comes next after you finish the class

Information Specific to the State of Ohio

We will finish things up with a section on the specific legal rights, responsibilities, and requirements when you have a Concealed Handgun License in the State of Ohio.  We’ll talk about where you can and can’t carry a handgun legally, what identification is required of you, and the process you must follow in a law enforcement encounter.