Private Classes

Private Concealed Carry or Firearm Safety training is perfect for Individuals, Families, Companies, or groups of friends wanting to get the training necessary to own, shoot, carry, store, and maintain firearms.  We offer three types of private classes at a slightly higher rate than our public classes.

Private Ohio/Florida Concealed Carry

This is the exact same material as our public Concealed Carry classes, but since it is private you will get a bit more focus on the aspects of Concealed Carry you find most important.  There is more one-on-one time because of the smaller group size.  Private instruction can be in our classroom, or in your home or office.  Depending on class size, we can shoot at one of the public indoor ranges in the Cincinnati area, use the Spring Valley public range in Waynesville, or use your own private land.


Private classes using our classroom are limited to groups of 5 to 15. We will teach at your location for groups as small as 5 and as large as you can accommodate.

5 People – $500
Each Additional Person adds $75

Private Firearm Safety

This is the same as our Home Firearm Safety class and follows the same pricing.  There is no live fire in the Firearm Safety course. We believe it is a great option for families with children who need to learn how to safely keep a firearm in their home.  It is also a perfect option for anyone who does not want to carry a firearm, but wishes to keep one for home protection.


1 to 3 people – $50 each
4 to 7 people – $45 each
8 or more people – $40 each

Private Shooting Instruction

If you are new to shooting and owning a firearm, this is a great class.  This is our Firearm Safety class with an added hour of live fire.  The best part?  You can use any type of firearm for the live fire, whether it’s a handgun, rifle, or shotgun.  This class is limited to individuals or couples only.


$65 per person per hour